About Us

Well there's me and my lovely long suffering husband, Phil,
and the dog (cat has sadly now gone, but as you can see a very bad influence!).

I'm a writer,rug maker, artisan, gardener and all round busy creative person.
 - there will be more on here but meanwhile here's a picture of my dog -
oh and before you ask, no he's not allowed on the bed, he's just very easily led... mentioning no names.

You can see our home is not pet free .

I've made things for as long as I can remember -
A few years ago i went on a very basic rag rug course and it lit up something in my head. I'd written for years and assumed that that fulfilled my creative urge but suddenly here was colour and texture and the simple pleasure of making something both useful and potentially beautiful - i was completely hooked and have gone on to teach myself several other techniques and that initial excitement shows no sign of abating.

Besides making rugs I make bags, hats and a wide selection of jewelry from recycled, felted and found items.

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