Hi these are some of the things I make and sell

I love making rugs.

In the fabric warehouse - I mean spare room - I've got a great stash of recycled fabrics collected from family, friends and complete strangers. Not to mention all those bags of unwanted  clothing from charity shops that would otherwise go for rags or even end up in landfill, bought for a very reasonable price by the sack full. These can tee-shirts and sweaters, skirts, shirts or old curtains, in fact any things that is perhaps a little baggy, saggy or sad. Also locally I'm lucky enough to have a council run ' scrap store' which sells on recycled things - worth looking out for in your area.

My nearest one is

I bring my treasures home, wash them all, strip out all the seams, remove the zips, take off the buttons (saved to make button jewellery and other buttonery) and sort the resulting material into colours and fabrics, broadly cottons, synthetics, and wool. (this helps later when I'm planning a new rug.)

This is my latest work in progress - which for some reason
won't let me turn it around on here!
(annoying to say the least!) promise to try harder later!

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