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bag making - punch needle

This was made with an Amy Oxford punch needle using ordinary double knit yarn I bought from a charity shop. The bag is made on grey polyester rug backing - recommended for punch needle work, because there is a more strain on the backing fabric when you use a punch needle... apparently!

When using a punch needle you also need to use a frame to keep the backing taut
This is the back of the work - the front has a pile but I really like this crisp outline on the back so use the fabric this way up in the final bag.
The pile size is dependent on the size of punch needle you use - this is worked using a 3/8th" tool I think.

                                                        One thing I learned from this first attempt is to draw the design on

AFTER you're secured the backing fabric so that everything is straight !
This is such a lovely way to create designs and larger
punch needles can be used to make rugs (more of those in a minute!)
Still haven't worked out how to turn the images around yet!

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