punch needle rugs

Punch needles are simple and quick to use and a deeply satisfying way of making a rug. You can use thin strips of fabric or alternatively use wool. Skeins of rug wool called 'Turkey' wool can be bought online or you can use knitting wool - knitting wool is easy to get hold of but far less hard wearing and can go fluffy!

Great for areas of low traffic or wall hangings its
not so great for those of us with big hairy dogs,

families who don't take their shoes off or for
putting on the sitting room floor.

This simple geometric rug (front shown here)
was made on a fra
me and then 'felted' by using a shot steam iron and damp cloth when finished.

The next one I tried was based on a more complex design by another rug maker and was lovely to work - he made his in hooked woollen fabric (and when I find his name I'll credit him as the idea is was just so gorgeous.

This rug took around two weeks of evenings to
make and a couple of whole weekends -
It was an experiment -
And I wish now I had laid out and bought proper rug wool

as it was a real labour of love,
but made from knitting yarn really
isn't wearing at all well.

The finished rug is much loved by Beau, the dog, who thinks that the whole things can be much improved by being dragged up into a cosy dog shaped nest -