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I adore making handbags as well as rug making - very little fabric goes to waste !
The offcuts from bag making end up in my rugs
These unique hand-made bags will be going up for sale soon both on here and on

The bag on the left is a traditional ' purse' closure and available with various strap lengths

The price will be £23.00 plus P&P SOLD

This is a gladstone bag with a sprung opening - here shown as a work in progress but now finished and being road tested as a design

This is my favourite bag so far - in fact as soon it was finished I decided I'd  like it for myself! I've got plans to make more. It's got a real luxury feel to it - and is ideal for autumn and winter. The body and flowers are made from and felted boiled wool with a heavy cotton lining and it has a purse style closure.

The price will be £28.00 plus P&P SOLD