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Cloud tree


The rug was worked using a shuttle needle,
which is like a punch needle and means you can work more quickly.
( I'm going to have to add photos of all these tools, aren't I?!)
Shuttle hooking is not great for fine work but does give a very even pile.

If you double click on the images they will open full size.

The rug is strung onto a flat frame. and being hooked using old tee-shirts, blouses and some new green and white checked
gingham I had left over from Christmas.

                                    The design is around 54" high by 28" wide.
                                    This is the 'right' side with a pile on the surface.
Once it's cut out of the frame the final rug will be finished  so that the sides are straight
the  current wavy edges are down to me mounting it up on the squint, but this won't affect the finished rug!!

Finished and now sold!